The Light in You

by Leanne Allen

Released 2014
Positively Charged Music
Released 2014
Positively Charged Music
Graceful melodies float on beautifully crafted arrangements as uplifting and healing messages create a sense of peace within.
Leanne's 2014 release, "The Light in You", includes six original songs which are Soothing, Melodic, Uplifting & Empowering.

"The EP was artfully co-produced with Daniel Nahmod of Humanity Music Company.

Leanne's songs have appeared on a number of compilation CDs & in several documentary films supporting various causes.

Song / Lyrical Content:
"Thank You for My Life" is about being thankful for the gift of each new day, for the elements and for the love of family.
"The Light in You", reminds us of the light inside each of us that helps us through the challenges of life.
"I Am Enough" is a song that celebrates our unique qualities and how we are "enough" exactly as we are.
"Chain Reaction" is a song inspiring social action, to encourage people helping people.
"All Things Will be Fine" hopes to heal the heart that is struggline due to changing life circumstances.
"Cycles (Live Like I'm Really Alive)" is a reminder to trust the cycles of life and live life fully.

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