• Learn to read music w/ Alfred's Basic Piano Method 
  • Become proficient w/ chords & scales.

Learning to play an instrument has myriad benefits.  


 (Summary of Article by David Boyd, posted on 9/1/11)

1. Enhances brain development

2. Teaches kids how to accomplish goals

3. Develops self-discipline

4. Helps kids become independent and self-sufficient 

5. Promotes self-expression and creativity

I recommend beginning no earlier than 7 years of age.  Hand-Eye Coordination, Attention Span, Finger Size, etc are more developed which create a more positive experience.

Located in Harpeth Trace subdivision in Bellevue, TN. 

See Read More for details about instructions.

You can contact me at 678/296-3726.  


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"I highly recommend this yoga studio. Leanne is very knowledgable and patient. The classes combine poses and relaxation. Classes are small and it is very individualized. You are encouragement to push yourself safely. An added benefit, this yoga class has greatly improved my arthritis symptoms!"

~ Karen Hitt (student since Jan 2015)

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