MY PHILOSOPHY OF INSTRUCTION - My goal is for each student to develop a love for learning and playing music.  I teach each student at his/her own pace.  Teaching methods will be customized based on the student’s individual learning style, personality, abilities, etc.  

It is recommended that students “play” the instrument daily.  Practicing the lessons should be a part of but not all of their experience playing the piano.  Lesson practice can be divided throughout the week, however it works best for the student and family.  Daily “practice” is ideal, but typically not practical w/ our busy schedules.  If the student practices at least three times between lessons, they should still progress at a satisfying rate.  If the student does not practice, learning and achievement will be significantly slower and the student may feel less inspired and less interested in learning.

Parents are encouraged to help develop an environment that is pleasant.  Remember, mistakes are an essential part of improving as a musician.  Expectations of achievement or “perfection” can be detrimental to their development.  Learning to read and play music is complex and challenging.  With proper support and patience, students can thrive.  

METHOD / MATERIALS - I use the Alfred Basic Piano Library Series.  I have found this method to be comprehensive and easy to understand.  The series includes a number of books per level.  These can be purchased at local music retailers.

There is not a set time frame for completing each set of books, as each student learns at a different pace.  New books will need to be purchased at the completion of each level.  Additional books or individual pieces of music may sometimes be used to enhance the educational and musical experience. 

If you or your child has an interest in an additional piece of music, such as a favorite song, please feel free to discuss this with me privately.

PERFORMANCES - Students have the option to perform in an annual recital, which is often held at a nearby assisted living center.  You are welcome to invite family and close friends; those for whom your child will feel comfortable playing.  We will determine whether participating in the recital would be a positive experience for your child at that time. 

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"I highly recommend this yoga studio. Leanne is very knowledgable and patient. The classes combine poses and relaxation. Classes are small and it is very individualized. You are encouragement to push yourself safely. An added benefit, this yoga class has greatly improved my arthritis symptoms!"

~ Karen Hitt (student since Jan 2015)

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