The following are comments from students.   

Thank you and Namaste, my friends. 


 ~ Leanne helped me more than anyone in all my searching for relief from my back stress.  Her patient, caring, and loving guidance led me to a healthier life.  Her future students will be blessed.  ~ Kathy Goedecke

I started the practice of yoga in January 2013 at the urging of my best friend. We were lucky enough to get Leanne as our instructor and greatly appreciated her gentle, knowledgeable and patient guidance! She made yoga lovers out of us and her move to the Nashville area is our loss, but your gain!! She also happens to be one of the nicest people I've ever met!!! ~ Debra Spilker

~ I was lucky enough to take Gentle Yoga instruction from Leanne Allen for about two years. Her personality matches the class name as she gently guided me to expand my mind, my spirit, and my body to better things. I truly feel that my flexibility and core strength were greatly enhanced under Leanne’s gentle approach. I have been searching for several months to find a new instructor who can fill Leanne’s “yoga socks”, but it will never be quite as fulfilling.  Those of you in the Nashville area are truly blessed that she decided to relocate to your area.  ~ Kathy Psaila 

~ Leanne Allen is the kind of yoga teacher I want to be. She is able (I'm not sure how) to take you inside your body so that you  can allow yourself to let go and be.  I have enrolled in yoga teacher training which begins in February. ~ Dee Rooney
~ I took Yoga from Leanne for two years.  It was my first time practicing yoga.  She guided me and the other students into the correct postures, using props to help us when necessary.  I loved every moment in her classes.  They were extremely helpful in moving my body.  They also helped calm the mind, which was tremendous for the rest of the day and days that followed.  Her unique manner is such that my body and mind began to relax as soon as I entered her studio.  I had back issues for which I went to physical therapy, but I must say the yoga was tremendous in helping the back issues.  
Leanne also taught Yoga Nidra occasionally and it was an enlightening experience that not only refreshed my mind, but also helped me in my daily life to slow down and live in the now (boy, how hard is that to do?). 
I miss Leanne tremendously......not only her classes, but also the relationship of her beautiful soul!  Anyone who has the opportunity to take a yoga class with Leanne will not be disappointed.  She is wonderful!  ~ Linda Mason

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"I highly recommend this yoga studio. Leanne is very knowledgable and patient. The classes combine poses and relaxation. Classes are small and it is very individualized. You are encouragement to push yourself safely. An added benefit, this yoga class has greatly improved my arthritis symptoms!"

~ Karen Hitt (student since Jan 2015)

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