• Stand with feet together 
  • Grow roots deep from the 4 corners of both feet
  • Bend the knees.  Cross the left leg over the right  
  • Hug the thighs together
  • Tilt the tailbone toward the heels
  • Draw the navel toward the spine
  • Cross the right elbow over the left
  • Bring the backs of the hands together or wrap hands
  • Release the shoulders down
  • Hug together and raise the elbows any amount  
  • Lengthen through the crown of the head
  • Find your Drishti (gentle gaze on the horizon)  
  • BREATHE 5-7 breaths

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"I highly recommend this yoga studio. Leanne is very knowledgable and patient. The classes combine poses and relaxation. Classes are small and it is very individualized. You are encouragement to push yourself safely. An added benefit, this yoga class has greatly improved my arthritis symptoms!"

~ Karen Hitt (student since Jan 2015)

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